With so many beautiful features to accentuate your pool, the selections are endless. Simplistic to elaborate: extended benches, tanning ledges, creative rock waterfall formations, caves and many more. Take a look at our gallery for some ideas....

  • Tanning Ledges, Benches and Seating Areas

  • Waterfalls, and Custom Caves

  • Diving Rocks, Diving Boards and Slides

  • Intellibrite Pool and Spa Lighting

  • Intellitouch Smart Technology Equipment Controls

  • Quality Performance and Energy Efficient Filtration Systems

  • Landscape, Hardscape and Fencing Packages

Square Flush Spa


Our restoration work can transform your old tired pool to a new level of enjoyment!

  • Custom Tile & Coping Selections

  • Complete Deck Removal and Replacement

  • Installation of New Features

  • Modifications to Size and Design

  • Full Plumbing and Equipment Replacement

  • Resurfacing & Plaster Finishes

  • Spa Addition (Both Flush & Raised Options)