"Transforming your backyard into the poolscape of your dreams"

​Features & Accents

We give our customers the power to personalize their own selections while offering suggestions and guidance, to ensure that this is their custom experience. From simplistic to modern to elaborate, just like a home,a pool reflects its owners style and integrity. We take an old fashioned "hands on" approach to build the highest quality pool with the most advanced technological features. 
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The creative culture of pool building has change over the years and become much more of an art form, allowing the customer the ability to be a part of creating and designing their own masterpiece. With major advancements with equipment, especially user-friendly technology for Smartphone and iPad control, owning a pool has become much relaxing, adding more time to enjoy your pool, rather than working on it!  At Giorgio Custom Pools, LLC ,we strive for just that, to always have satisfied customers who have as much pride in their pool as we do. 


There are numerous beautiful features to accent your pool, whether moderate or extensive, the selections are endless. From flowing waterfalls, enhanced lighting, in pool benches, slides, to creative rock formations and caves, we are confident our customers will have what they need.

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Giorgio Custom Pools, LLC​​


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